Amazing Cashew Nut Benefits-You must know about this

Cashew Nut Benefits

Cashew nuts are known as “Kaju” in India. It is mostly used for making sweets more delicious, mostly children love to eat them. The cashew trees are native trees from Brazil, but now it is even cultivated in India, Vietnam, Brazil and many Asian countries. Now you can have cashew nut because it is spread all […]

Wedding hairstyle for short hair- Get this in your Wedding

wedding hairstyle for short hair

In your wedding ceremony, there is nothing more special than making yourself beautiful and centre of attraction for the whole wedding party. And for doing this that main thing that you need to focus is your way of styling your hair, in wedding party maintaining your hairstyle and choosing the correct hairstyle is very important […]

Top 10 Emo Hairstyles for Girls

Top 10 Emo Hairstyle for Girl

When we hear the emo word, one thing comes to our mind is frumpy multi-color hair, right? That is the opposite type of normal fashion. In today’s fashion Emo fashion is very glamorous, smart, and full of colors. With changes of time emo, fashion is more popular in teenage boys and girls. Emo hairstyle is […]

How do you get rid of Lice?

How do you get rid of Lice

  Lice is a parasitic insect, which is lives on human’s head. They are small in size, and they take human blood as their survival food. How do you get rid of lice, Sometimes lice are also found in people’s eyebrows, eyelashes and necks. Adult lice are referred to as a louse and it’s eggs are resembled as dandruff flakes, which […]

How to use Aloe Vera for hair growth

How to use Aloe Vera for hair growth

What do you feel, when you see advertisements on televisions of beautiful models showing up their shiny  and silky hair? Does it make you feel that your hair does not look like them. Then you silently wish to God that if your hair looked like theirs too. Using aloe vera for hair you can get bouncy hair, aloe vera nourishes, protects […]